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Alright guys, let me put it simple for ya. I live with a poor family. I want to go to college to make more money than what I grew up with. No money + the want of going to college = shit out of luck. So, I'm joining the US Air Force to get money for college. Yes, I've already signed the dotted line and all so now there's no backing out.
I'll be leaving in October for basic training and I won't be back til about December. Then, I only get like a week of leave I think and then I'll be shipped to Tech School to learn how to make nuclear weapons (yeah I picked that job, lol). I'll be there for about 3 months and then after that I'll be based in Italy. Fuckin' Italy! lol Cooler than hell thats what I think.
But anyways, after that I'm going to fly my girl out and we'll get married in Rome (call me old-fashioned or pussy or whatever bitches, lol). But after all that, I'll be pretty stable, workin on a bachelors degree and all that.
So, basically NG, what I'm telling you is that for the year of 2009, I'll be "gone" from NG until I have the appropriate time and all that. I'm getting older and sadly I'm starting to realize it now. No more coming home from school, getting a bowl of cereal and making some beats for fun. I'll however keep you guys informed about what's goin on in my life with every chance I get.

Thanks to all my fans, collaborators, and inspirations that have kept me going. Shout outs to all the homies out there (If I forgot you that means you're probably not that important, lol, naw, jk, I'm just naming shit off the top of my head):


Peace guys, I'll get at ya'll laters.

WyteNoiz - The Actor

2008-07-18 12:56:29 by WyteNoiz tlzs

Check out this movie I

Who the fuck keeps doin this shit!?!?! Everytime I put a damn song up it goes from 5.00 to like 1.94! What the fuck is this shit!?!? Do I got like some secret ass haters out there or what? Motha fuckas that just wait for me to put a song up so they can 0 that shit!!?! What the fuck's goin' on NG?

Next Project

2008-06-18 04:13:17 by WyteNoiz

Alright imma start workin on a new album. Ill post each song we got so far, so tell me what you guys think.

Yeah so, I'm bored. So whoever wants to beat battle me for fun. leave a comment and we'll have a go.

Ok, ok, guys, I've had many, many, many damn people tell me not to go into the marines and go into a career with music. I've decided to go to college for it and hopefully make it in this fucked up world with my music. So...yeah!

WyteNoiz IS BACK FOR GOOD HO'S!!!!!!!!! lol

Bad News: The US Marine Corps

2008-02-08 22:21:26 by WyteNoiz

For all my fans out there, my music is slowly coming to an end. I am joining the US Marine Corps and I am to be shipped out perhaps sometime in July. I haven't sworn my duty to the US yet, but I am going to soon. Ultimately, this means I have no more time for music. All training, all day everyday until July. Then I will be sent to Parris Island, SC for Marine Boot Camp for 13 weeks. After that I will be sent to Iraq, most definitely. Sorry guys, but it seems like my life has caught up with me and smacked me in the face with the swift heavy hand of reality.

This is going to suck, but overall, it will be better for my life. Plus I'm gonna be a badass Marine.


2008-01-15 00:51:25 by WyteNoiz

Alright guys lets have some fun, put some spark back into the NG Hip Hop Modern AP, like the old days (2006-2007 lol). Lets get some cliques goin again and have them beat battle and shit like that ya know? Leave me a comment on here and Ill get back at ya. I need some inspiration again, I reason to actually sit down and compose a beat like the old days. Now I just do it cause its a hobby and I'm bored. But lets do this! Ill join up with anyone, just ask.





2007-11-22 00:32:12 by WyteNoiz

Anyone wanna collab. If you wanna, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Just let em know what you think about my music. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.