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Man Fuck This Air Force Shit!!!

2008-09-14 21:11:05 by WyteNoiz

Man, this military bullshit man! I'm a fuckin musician/business man. What in the fuck was I thinking!?!? Alright guys, finally made up my damn mind about this life shit. I'm gonna stay with the music shit and go to college to major in business. Damn recruiters will get ya all mind fucked! Watch out for that!


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2008-09-14 21:17:55

Good to hear you stayin Wyte. Put that fuckin talent to some use man.
I'm soo fuckin stoned right now.....
I love you man.....


WyteNoiz responds:

And hope you stay stoned.


2008-09-16 11:06:52

man im high as fuck tryin to right this comment but shit hommie ill see u on da top of tha music industry next ull see wyte noiz and BHK and im usen that anthem of kings beat at tha chevy center concert its in y town in ohio but shit dude we also got a show for big time so idk wats gonna happen next


2008-09-17 21:05:05

good choice man


2008-09-21 04:16:43

Damn right!


2008-09-23 11:23:15

I fuck wit your beats hard keep it 100% D.C.


2008-09-26 02:07:45

lol. You made a wise choice man. Keep up your music


2008-09-30 18:49:16

First: I checked for new DnB Tracks, the I found some DnB in the Top 50 by WyteNoiz and thought I am hallucinating... I listenedand, its great actually :D You make cool Drum 'n Bass Wyte! Made my second Piece just two Days ago. And second: GOOD you are back for Music man... but bad I had to delete ya from the WtWD Collection...


2008-10-06 15:59:08

I wanted to do the same thing but the Marines got my ass. Good thing Im out of the corps now and Im back at this music shit. good choice hommie. Yeah!!!!