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I Think I've Had Enough of Ses...

2008-10-03 03:30:12 by WyteNoiz

He dissed my boy Cajete and now...he has to die. I dare Ses to lay down a track against me. If he doesn't then I win. See, there comes a time in a "old guy of NG's" life, when boredom kicks in and beefin' starts up. So, whoever reads this, please comment and pass the news. I want to see him fail.

Please, blow up my phone if anyone has any questions about this, my music, my life, or whatever.



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2008-10-04 00:55:20

a hommie i was bout to battle ses but my mic broke i still got my verse lay down a beat and ill kill it


2008-10-05 00:04:20

Not worth your time. My opinion.


2008-10-06 00:26:05

fuck that n***a ses. and hes dissin cajete my boy. yo wyte murda em. 1


2008-10-06 22:44:12

Ses starts to much shit.
Im outta all the beef with everyone but i'd like to see you knock some sense into him haha.
Later Wyte.


2008-10-07 09:28:30

this should be good bruh, real good


2008-10-07 23:19:40

about time

he messes with too many people

he never had a problem with me, but his beef stuff is getting fucked up


2008-10-11 21:06:43

n***a... SES can't touch bruh...

you too good for that n***a. FUCK HIM.

but then again.... ses needs a southern music lesson from you. haha


2008-10-11 22:17:26

Yo bro, I used "Work to Do" or something like that a while ago for a local contest; I don't know if you remember me contacting you and asking permission. Just wanted to let you know that the only reason you haven't seen it yet is cause I haven't edited an online version.

Don't worry tho. There's more projects in the works and I'm lovin' everything you put out, so keep it up!