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New Year....Perhaps A New Begining

2009-01-06 01:26:23 by WyteNoiz

Well, its a new year for all of us and I have no idea what its gonna bring for me or my music. Hell< i dont even know if I'm gettin into the Army yet, or if Im gonna go to college. All I know is that my life is blocking my music, and you guys can probably tell by the lack of uploads lately. See, what happened is most of my equipment went to shit, either lost or broke, and i just gave up for a while cuz i didnt have the money to replace them. But, this amry thing is gonna give me 40,000 to do communications for them. So, the way I see it is, hell why not, money is money, and if I need money for music then damn it, lets go for it. But we'll see what happens...


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2009-01-09 08:06:05

how long do u have to work with em for? is it like one of em, once u join up u gotta stay for 4 years things?

anyway whatever the deal, hope everything goes well for u and u get back into the music man. keep it real!~


2009-01-27 12:00:26

i respect your music
get on your hustle
sh*t i wanna hear more


2009-03-02 11:03:32

Don't get your ass killed. You have a lot to offer this world with your tunes. Best of luck to ya.