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2009-10-28 16:04:57 by WyteNoiz

The army's kickin me out for some burglary shit i got caught up in. So imma be comin back home to San Antonio with a keyboard and felony in hand. Gimme a couple months and ill be back harder, longer, stronger and stiffer baby!


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2009-11-06 23:51:40

Good Shit Man
Glad To See You Back.
Man So much shit fucked up in my life right now bro foreal. Tryna Get Shit Figured out. We gotta hook up one these days fool and get shit rollin foreal. well shit mane hit me back on tha space i aint up n this shit alot lol
and my pc just broke :( so im out the beats for a min again!


2009-11-28 02:58:55

Good to see you back Wyte


2009-12-23 18:10:48

LOL xDDDDDD I am laughin so hard right now man, first you go like man Im goin to the damn army yeah fuck this Im in and now once oyu are in you get kicked xDDD damn bro.... still funny somehow