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"Oh, damn who is that? Oh, thats, thats...." IM BACK BITCHES!! HA

2010-01-01 20:49:06 by WyteNoiz

Feels good to finally be back to NG submittin audio and what not man. I got stuck for a while but now im back (only got one submission in 2009 and shit lol). Get at me for some deals if you interested.


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2010-01-01 22:53:36

man if i could call you free long distance i would.
ima have to getchu my moms celly or sumthin so that way u can call me one these days


2010-01-03 16:53:43

ayy man
I got a guy...
he's got a weird ass style
but he's GOOD


2010-01-21 10:27:15 n/305648

check it out. your beat


2010-04-02 19:25:17

ah nice to see you back how was the marines?


2010-08-02 13:41:58

Yo man, good to see ya back. Wanna make some melody free drum beats for me? Haha, hit me up if you're interested. I've got some recording equipment on the way and I wanna play my bass and acoustic over some beats. Gonna be a fun little project.